Product care

All of our pieces are crafted from sustainably sourced vegetable tanned leather which is appreciated for its look and its touch and for being produced in a more environmentally-friendly way. Vegetable tanned leather is completely natural and every hide is unique having its own markings, grain and colouring which should not be seen as defects.

Your bag should provide many years of use, but if you experience any problems with it, or simply require advice regarding its care, please contact us.

You can care for your bag by:

  • avoid overfilling it in order to maintain its shape
  • store it in a cool, dry place when not using to preserve its colour
  • if the surface scuffs, gently buff it using a soft lint-free cloth and our leather balm - we include a complimentary pot with every bag 
  • avoid getting your bag wet, but if you do blot away water or moisture as soon as possible and dry wet leather naturally away from artificial heat
  • care should be taken when using dark leather on light coloured clothing